Friday, April 15, 2011

Health Care Reform Articles - April 17, 2011

Neediest and sickest would pay the price under GOP budget plan

Rep. Paul D. Ryan's proposals would relieve the government of much of the responsibility for paying for healthcare, but if the result is that individuals carry a heavier burden, is that really a 'path to prosperity'?

Michael Hiltzik
April 17, 2011,0,4974955,print.column

Massachusetts, pioneer of universal health care, now may try new approach to costs

By Amy GoldsteinFriday, April 15, 6:15 PM

BOSTON — Five years ago this week, Massachusetts became the first state to move toward universal health insurance, foreshadowing the 2010 federal health-care overhaul. Now, the commonwealth is debating whether to become a role model again — by replacing the fee-for-service system that has long defined U.S. medicine.

Menino, unions in health accord

City workers will pay $70m more; labor preserves bargaining rights


Health insurers: Capping unnecessary perks

April 15, 2011

More doctors gravitate toward boutique practice

Fed up with long hours and limits on fees, they aim to offer a more personal approach — at a price

By Liz Kowalczyk
Globe Staff / April 17, 2011
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Concierge medicine is expanding as more doctors — and patients — tire of assembly-line primary care, opting for something more personal, and pricey.

A Grand Old Problem

By Ezra KleinFriday, April 15, 7:14 PM

The candidates brandished a “Health Care Bill of Rights for Seniors” that promised to protect Medicare from their opponents’ “raid.” The party chairman wrote an op-edwarning that the other guys’ plan meant that “senior citizens will pay a steeper price and will have their treatment options reduced or rationed.” The ads were even blunter. “You cut our Medicare,” one accused. “And this November, you’re fired.”

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